Xtime Office Hours are Open

Need Xtime Help? Experts are just a Phone Call Away

Do you have a tough question or maybe need guidance on a better way to optimize your use of Xtime?

Head over to Xtime University’s Office Hours to get immediate consultation on any Xtime topic or question. Offered daily in English and weekly in French, Monday through Friday, Office Hours is an easy way to get live, expert help when you need it.

When you join an Office Hours session, you will be paired up with one or more of our knowledgeable experts through a shared audio and video conferencing session. Then, ask your questions! Our expert can also log into your system and show you exactly where and how you can make improvements.

Additionally, other dealers may join the same session you’re in, so you get to listen and learn from each other. Many dealers join Office Hours even if they don’t have a particular question or need, as it allows them to hear about other real-world situations and best practices from fellow dealers.

Ensure you get the most value out of Xtime Invite, Schedule and Engage by registering for a free session in Xtime University. Alternatively, you can email webtraining@xtime.com or call (650) 453-5992 and we’ll help register you into an upcoming session.

Les cours sont offerts chaque semaine en français.